I’m Marilyn Turton, the founder and CEO of Eboni Fandagles LLC. I started Eboni Fandangles because I wanted to share my love of fashion and personal accessories with my family and friends. I created Eboni Fandangles as an outlet to showcase the talent and beauty of artisans who create handcrafted jewelry from around the world..
From Bali to Zanzibar, that's why I traveled the world to find the most authentic and orignal accessories and jewelry for Eboni fandangles.com. Afrocentric jewlery is a statement about who you are as a citizen of the world, Eboni fandangles declares you are culturraly defined and ethnic diverse in your taste for fashion..
Along the way, We want to become your personal accessories stylist and give you distinctive and exclusive fashion jewelry and accessoires to bring you joy.
Along the way, I have met many good friend and associates. My trip AS AN ENTREPRENEUR has led me to many great people. I feel the need to shout them out to the clients.
She started the Roc-A-Natural brand in 2013, As a Small Business owner and entrepreneur, She learned if you want to stand out in that crowded marketplace of ideas, you have to bring something unique to the table. “It's more than having a quality product; it's authenticity.”
Application is silky smooth without pulling the delicate skin around your eyes. Every eye accent pencil can be applied above and below your eye to bring dramatic effects & to enhance both day and evening looks. Layer and/or smudge the shades for a sexy finish. The color doesn’t fade throughout the day, lasting for hours. Plus a pencil sharpener is cleverly built into every cap. The pencils are gluten, paraben & petroleum free, non-irritating, eco-friendly, tamper proof, hygienic and not tested on animals.
The Set NYC is a platform to help & bring together artists, people for showcasing, networking,  and helping end child trafficking.
That Suits You is a nonprofit organization that collects professional attire to present to qualified individuals for work, interviews, school, prom and graduation.
Contact us at www.thatsuitsyou.orgp>